What We Do

Our Services

LSA offer a menu of services, from consulting and design to full product recommendation and sourcing through to entire FF&E project management, logistics and overall installation. LSA can provide one or all of the following services to support and aide in a smooth and effective project.

Our Design Process

LSA has established seven principles of learning space design which support a constructivist approach to learning: that is, principles which support a learning environment which is student-centred, collaborative, and experiential.

  • Comfort: a space which creates a physical and mental sense of ease and well-being
  • Aesthetics: pleasure which includes the recognition of symmetry, harmony, simplicity and fitness for purpose
  • Flow: the state of mind felt by the learner when totally involved in the learning experience
  • Equity: consideration of the needs of cultural and physical differences
  • Blending: a mixture of technological and face-to-face pedagogical resources
  • Affordances: the “action possibilities” the learning environment provides the users, including such things as kitchens, natural light, wifi, private spaces, writing surfaces, sofas, and so on.
  • Repurposing: the potential for multiple usage of a space

LSA has developed design principles which when applied to our learning space design contribute to a ‘knowledge generation aesthetic’ a space and approach that encourages learning and contributes to  knowledge.  A space where students and teachers feel comfortable, that enables the flow of ideas, and through its design actually facilitates the learning process.  A flexible learning space is one that can easily accommodate changes in technology and is not locked in to one particular mode of teaching.

LSA’s designs are based on the philosophy that collaborative approaches to learning,  research and study, should make use of technologies, approaches that students favour and that learning spaces should therefore be organised to accommodate learner‐generated aspects of learning.