About Us

Welcome to LSA Education Consultants

LSA Education Consultants is a niche learning space consultancy specializing in designing customised learning spaces that are informed by varying learning principles, learning pedagogies and student skill sets. The LSA Team has over three decades of combined experience within the Education Industry spanning over 4 countries.

Our consultative approach to learning space design and our commitment to understanding pedagogy and learning trends makes us world leaders in creating spaces for next generation learning environments.

Working alongside educators has given us unique insights that influence our designs of future learning spaces. A contemporary curriculum calls for a nexus of spaces that all work cohesively to allow for a balance between curriculum requirements and the flexibility for exploration and discovery.

We continuously challenge ourselves to create spaces that will work in all learning environments, across all pedagogies whilst ensuring that learners feel supported and inspired by their learning space. We are committed to ensuring that each and every space supports you in developing learners for the future.

Shastiq Khader-Georgi

Founder of LSA and Head Learning Space Consultant & Designer

Shastiq Khader-Georgi offers a modern and contemporary approach to learning space design.

She has a strong background in design, marketing, spatial planning and project management and is able to offer a start to finish service in an increasingly demanding, personalised and changing educational milieu.

Her ability to visualize and create innovative, active and customised modern learning spaces, which inspire both students and faculty, is what sets her above the rest. Her state of the art learning space designs ensure:

• Flexibility of form & function

• Innovative and interactive areas for collaborative learning & independent study

• Facilitation of seamless movement

• Fostering of inspiration & creativity

• Optimal integration of technology

• Creative combinations of colour to enhance learning experiences

What we specialise in

LSA is passionate about designing 21st century learning spaces based on its growing knowledge of effective education methods. In particular, spaces that facilitate learning experiences and support the movement towards student directed learning that will successfully foster 21st century skills, such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and leadership.

We actively engage with our clients at the conceptual stages of interior design to co-construct an overall vision that meets the needs of their educational institutions.

We also provide consulting services to clients to take care of all financial management for procurement, product acquisition either direct with suppliers or through tender procedures, manage all project tracking and then finish off with all necessary operations, project management and installation to ensure a smooth completion and handover.

We are committed to facilitating and enhancing contemporary learning spaces and environments that encompass a learner focused approach to education and life as well as provide an ergonomic environment for students and faculty.